Donnie Private Eye
Donnie Private Eye is a detective. He runs his business in an office inside his apartment. His business does poorly as the only customers he gets want to find minuscule items.
* Dresses in a trench coat and a long top hat.
*Old fashioned and has little knowledge of technology.
*Mostly on the calm side except he can get worked up when he is angry (especially with his callers).

Bethany is a sports loving 11 year old girl. Her passion is rooting for her favorite team, the Baggers (who always seem to finish in last place) and playing sports herself (in which a few shattered windows results).
*Although does poorly in school, has a sharp eye for figuring cases out.
*Wears her hat backward.

Tif is the waitress at 'The Restaurant' where she works to support her college education. However, she is a career college student and is constantly changing her major.
*Her hair goes all the way down to her feet.
*Some of the subjects she has studied are philosophy, math, history, celestial navigation, entomology, Chinese calligraphy, and oceanology.
*Is often seen studying one of her books while carrying a tray of food.
* Due to her being absorbed in her books, she often does not pay attention to where she is going and trips, sending the food flying everywhere.

Blocko is a robber, a nagger, a complainer, and the causer of other headaches. Suffice to say, he is a thorn in everyone's side.
*Famous line: "Hand over all your money!"
*Yells at Tif to bring him his food, even if he just ordered.
*Attends events which he doesn't understand and complains about them.

PJ is a little boy who is best friends with Bethany. He doesn't understand a lot about things and makes naive observations about life.
*He often ponders to himself about things.
*His thinking mode is putting his fingers to his face.

The Lady in Red
The Lady in Red gives Donnie Private Eye his case each year. She quickly drops in and out of the characters' lives, vanishing before they realize she is gone. Not much else is known about her as she is a complete mystery.
*Always wears a red dress, a white scarf, and a flower in her hat.

 Mighty Henry
Mighty Henry likes to brag that he is the 'superest of all superheroes' even though he has no actual abilities. In fact, he is very afraid of any situation which he finds himself in. That doesn't stop him though from trying to impress people with his supposed super-powers.
*Tries to think of excuses why no one has heard of him.
*His super powers "mysteriously" aren't working whenever there is a need for them.
                                 *Claims to know other superheroes personally

                                                           Doctor Calipty
Doctor Calipty went to medical school at Wicca University and now owns her own practice - the Spooks Medical Clinic. Her uncommon remedies makes her patients wonder if they are going to get better or worse.
*Mixes several peculiar items into a potion that her patients are hesitant to take.
* Her potions often come with side-effects that gives the person a crazy condition that also must be treated.